Both Michael and  Dorine gained knowledge, history and the heart and soul of music and the lyrics that edify its very meaning at a very young age. They are very grateful to be chosen by God and granted the opportunity as a married union, united as one, to inspire the world with their music, clothing line, health and beauty products and candy store.


Michael and Dorine, were married in June of 2008. They have true love for the Lord, each other, the people they serve,  their music as well as their products and services. As producers, song writers, composers, and recording artist, of Gospel music, Inspiration, Jazz, Contemporary and Spoken Word they manager to stamp their unique seal of love. 


Michael and Dorine are sure that it was only through God's divine Purpose and Will that they have been chosen for such a calling as this. Their music is written in a captivating way to help everyone who hears it, realize that God's grace and mercy, as well as, HIS love and forgiveness have been freely given to everyone.  



God's Word is embedded in their musical DNA. So Relax to their personal stamp of smooth inspiration, spoken word and a twist of Jazz. 


They have currently released three albums, We Walk By Faith, remake, Christian Reunion, Remastered By, Crazy Daisy productions), along with their very first all musical album, Music For Your Soul, (Volume 1) for easy listening, firms and motion pictures.


You will find their music in CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and many others.


Michael and Dorine will soon be releasing their next album (Still Walkin) in 2019. They will also be releasing their second all music album, Music For Your Soul, Volume 2, in 2020 that includes Jazz & Spoken Word all coming soon. 


So look out because they have no identity crisis. They are emerging fully formed releasing an album every blessing granted by the Lord and giving Him all the Glory and honor He deserves.



  Gospel/Inspiration            Music

M.A.D. Ministries over seer is The Lord God and His Son and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Michael & Dorine 

put their hearts into all they do and the people they serve.


As you enter the

(Spiritual Fellowship Hall)


You will be greeted by spiritual servants.

The enironment will bring you relaxation, peace, serenity, allow you to meditation and recieve a sense of freedom to serve the Lord in your own speical way.


Their health and

beauty products, candy, food, clothing and other store items, you will surly enjoy as well.  

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Michael & Dorine are currently working on the release of their third album and are

asking for your constance prayer

(Still Walkin)

to be released soon



Thanks You

Crazy Daisy Production

for the 


of our second Album



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